Creating a New ACUITy Application

The batch files referenced below (createNewProject.bat and buildProjectWar.bat) are provided as an alternative means of running Ant builds.If you are working in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Eclipse, you may wish to run the Ant build files with selected targets in that environment, in which case you do not need the batch files.

  1. If you are doing batch file builds and do not have an "ANT_HOME" environment variable set on your computer (right-click on My Computer, select Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables to view/edit environment variables), edit createNewProject.bat and change the setting for ANT_HOME to match your environment. For example, the edited line might look like:
  2. Run createNewProject.bat (or run the createNewProject.xml Ant build file directly) giving input* as requested for the following questions: *Note: default values are provided for at least some of these questions. To accept the default, just press the Enter (Return) key. After you have created your first application, subsequent runs of this build will use the previous answers as default values for all but the new project name.
  3. Go to the new project directory (e.g., C:\AcuityApps\myNewProject)
  4. If you are doing batch file builds and do not have an ANT_HOME environment variable set on your computer, change the ANT_HOME settings in buildProjectWar.bat to match your environment.
  5. Run tomcatDeploy.bat, jbossDeploy.bat, or buildProjectWar.bat (or run the Ant build file build.xml with the appropriate target directly using Ant).


  1. The instance data for saved sessions (<project name>InstData.owl), from which learned defaults are derived, will also be stored in the ApplicationOntologies subdirectory under the new project directory.
  2. The ACUITy Editor "What is..." help gets information directly from SourceForge. To work, the proxyHost (and possibly proxyPort) settings in your project's .../src/ must be changed to settings appropriate for your firewall. This should be done prior to running buildProjectWar.bat.

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Revised 02/02/2007