Our goal in making ACUITy open source is to benefit from the contributions of other researchers and developers working in the area of semantically-enabled human-computer interaction. In particular, we believe the following topics would be desirable extensions of ACUITy:

To contribute to the ACUITy project, please contact us via the Yahoo ACUITy Group.

  • Extend the ACUITy models with advanced workflow concepts and models of users' problem spaces.
  • Extend the ACUITy models with embedded usability concepts, e.g. automatically provide usability recommendations as developers or users create and customize applications
  • Extend and enrich the user interface: incorporate AJAX, create rich client UI rederers (e.g. perhaps an Eclipse front-end)
  • Exploit instance data in more sophisticated ways through advanced learning algorithms
  • Develop a plug-in framework for interoperability.
In addition, we encourage usability studies (e.g. can/will users take advantage of the customizable and adaptive features of ACUITy?) and performance studies.