Downloading and Installing as an ACUITy User (Developing ACUITy-Powered Applications)

Required Software

Before installing ACUITy, please make sure that you have the following software available on your computer and install it if necessary.


At least version 5.0 for Tomcat 5.5, at least SDK version 1.2 for Tomcat 4.1.

To install a JDK, follow instructions at

Apache Tomcat

To-date, ACUITy has been tested on versions 5.5 and 4.1.  We have not had success getting it to run with version 5.0.

To install Tomcat, follow the instructions at

Apache Ant

If you have Eclipse installed, you probably already have Ant. The path will point to a subdirectory of your eclipse plugins directory, e.g., .../eclipse/plugins/org.apache.ant_1.6.2. If the environment variable "ANT_HOME" is set to be the path to the Ant installation you will not need to edit the "createNewProject.bat" and "buildProjectWar.bat" during the installation of ACUITy and creation of a new application.

To install Ant, follow instructions at

Install ACUITy

  1. Download the file from the download area.

  2. Create an ACUITy installation directory, e.g., "C:\Acuity"

  3. Unzip into this subdirectory. The result will be four files (listed below) and a Documentation subdirectory.

You are now ready to build ACUITy applications. Follow the instructions for Creating a New ACUITy Application.

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Revised 01/12/2007